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Sinister deeds meets Secrecy.
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Frick Frack Snick Snacks


Your result for The Ultimate Homestuck Character Test...

You are Feferi Peixes

You've got a cheerful and bubbly personality, and you accept anyone and everyone, whether they want to be accepted or not. But at the same time, you're not the person everyone goes to if they want a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes you have a tendency to avoid an unpleasant situation rather than confront it.

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• The Princess and the Bull [TavrosxReader]
• The Princess and the Cat [NepetaxReader]
• The Princess and the Model [KanayaxReader]
• The Princess and the Dragon [TerezixReader]
• The Princess and the Spider [VriskaxReader]
• The Princess and the Heir [JohnxReader]
• The Princess and the Knight [DavexReader]
• The Princess and the Witch [JadexReader]
• The Princess and the Seer [RosexReader]
• The Princess and the Rogue [RoxyxReader]
• The Princess and the Page [JakexReader]
• The Princess and the Maid [JanexReader]
• The Princess and the Prince [DirkxReader]
• The King of Wind [Male!JadexReader]
• The King of Ice [Male!JanexReader]
• The Prince of Light [Male!RoxyxReader]
• The Prince of Darkness [Male!RosexReader]
• Infatuation to Love [DavexShy!Reader]

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InvaderSamm || Samantha || Sugar Cookie

Occupation: Eating all of the food in the fridge without restocking it.
Personality: Party in the shower.
Sexuality: They're hot and I'm angry.
Current Game: Minecraft , Pokemon, WoW
Current Show(s) : Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Castle
Current Reads: Homestuck, Indie Spiritualist

My Friends


My friend base is growing and I love it. ;u ;
Those are my closest friends. Do NOT fucking hurt/mess with them. I will murder your ability to bare children.

More Info~

Personality: ISFP

Romantic Preference: Panromantic

Sexuality: Demisexual

What I Like: Zodiacs, Crystals, Magic, Rain, WoW, Runes, Vikings, Garter Belts (they're hot), Crossovers, Fancy Outfits, Skirts, Sweaters, Ugly Sweaters, Oversized Sweaters, Graveyards, Skulls, Skeletons, Lakes, Oceans, Sea Creatures, Biology, Science, Outer Space, Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Punk Fashion, Piercings, Tattoos, Hipster Fashion, Death, Otters, Musicals, Music, Disney Movies, Long Hair, 50's 60's 70's clothing, Romantic Date Ideas, Feferi, Feferi Ships, Equius, Aradia, Weapons, Puns, Rockabilly Hairstyles, Vintage, Flower Crowns, All Hallow's Eve-y things, Video Games, Scandinavia, Gore, Psychos, Villains, Headcanons, Chubby Cuties, Seafood, Sushi, Jewelry, Pillow Forts, Legos, Knee-Thigh-High Socks, Hats, Singing, Dancing, Coloring, Arting, Cheesy Pick-Up Lines, Kisses, Cuddles, Snuggles, Romantic Situations

What I Dislike: Dictators. You should never dictate what a person should be like. Misogynists. Anti-equality people- in every aspect from race to gender to sexual/romantic preferences, etc.

Skype: iDoriSuku
SnapChat: InvaderSamm
GaiaOnline: Invader Samm
Twitter: @xInvaderSamm
Instagram: InvaderSamm
Phone: If you honestly want to text me, just send a message my way.

Prone To: Accidents, Crying for no reason, Worrying over menial things, Getting excited for seemingly no reason...

Relationship: Single

Phobias: Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, Catagelophobia, Agraphobia, Anthropophobia, Agoraphobia, Insectophobia

Location: Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Etc. Female, obviously. Pisces. 5"1 & 1/2. That half inch fucking counts. 187 lbs - 84.8 kg - 13.3 st. Currently writing for NaNoWriMo.

Dreams: ~Making a statement to America somehow. Through literary works, speeches- if needed, highly unlikely- SOMEHOW making the populous of the U.S.A. open their eyes to the rights stolen from people.
~Becoming an RN, then a Medical Examiner
~Publishing a book
~Getting down to an ideal weight (120lbs - 54.4 kg - 8.6 st.)
~Waking up not depressed or stressed about anything

Reader Inserts

to the creepy dude that keeps asking me to draw your pedophilic ponies 

8 deviants said in the long run; no i wont draw it so leave me alone bout it kthx
3 deviants said i'm p sure rl horses don't have horse tiddies
2 deviants said im a scientist. almost. but im trained. trust me.
1 deviant said also; tiddies on a kids show is generally a no-no. just, for future reference.
1 deviant said (sarcasm)
No deviants said and skeletons dont have skele-tiddies. just fyi
No deviants said there are no bone tiddies and nor horse tiddies.
No deviants said psa
No deviants said but there is panda bone tiddies.
No deviants said trufax.


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