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Your result for The Ultimate Homestuck Character Test...

You are Feferi Peixes

24% John, 12% Rose, 17% Dave, 42% Jade, 30% Karkat, 22% Aradia, 16% Tavros, 16% Sollux, 33% Nepeta, 24% Kanaya, 24% Terezi, 21% Vriska, 21% Equius, 24% Gamzee, 31% Eridan, 50% Feferi, 24% Roxy, 19% Jake, 28% Jane, 32% Dirk, 22% Meenah, 12% Aranea, 7% Kankri, 22% WV, 24% PM, 18% Cronus, 11% Spades-Slick, 6% Sn0wman, 11% Caliborn and 32% Calliope!

You've got a cheerful and bubbly personality, and you accept anyone and everyone, whether they want to be accepted or not. But at the same time, you're not the person everyone goes to if they want a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes you have a tendency to avoid an unpleasant situation rather than confront it.

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• The Princess and the Frog [AradiaxReader]
• The Princess and the Bull [TavrosxReader]
• The Princess and the Cat [NepetaxReader]
• The Princess and the Model [KanayaxReader]
• The Princess and the Dragon [TerezixReader]
• The Princess and the Spider [VriskaxReader]
• The Princess and the Heir [JohnxReader]
• The Princess and the Knight [DavexReader]
• The Princess and the Witch [JadexReader]
• The Princess and the Seer [RosexReader]
• The Princess and the Rogue [RoxyxReader]
• The Princess and the Page [JakexReader]
• The Princess and the Maid [JanexReader]
• The Princess and the Prince [DirkxReader]
• The King of Wind [Male!JadexReader]
• The King of Ice [Male!JanexReader]
• The Prince of Light [Male!RoxyxReader]
• The Prince of Darkness [Male!RosexReader]
• Devious Deeds [EnglandxReader] Lemon
• Infatuation to Love [DavexShy!Reader]
• A Mobsters Ever After [RomanoxReader]

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Fun Fact: It is genetically impossible for women to be 100% color blind.
3 deviants said Just FYI. c:

Explaining a THING.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 2:50 PM
Excuse me while I get real with you guys. Spoilers ahead for some people.

A Kismesis isn't abusive. A KISMESIS IS NOT ABUSIVE.

In trollian culture, there is a quadrant called a Kismesitude- the black feelings quadrant. A healthy Kismesitude is not abuse. It's an outlet, of sorts, to get out all anger and frustration at a person. The thing is that they aren't temporary. Vriska and Eridan are a perfect example of a good Kismesitude.

They were completely disgusted by one another. Not their actions (though that added fuel to the fire) but their entire existences. Now, this is only a portion of a Kismesitude. They wanted to fight one another, to taunt them, to push the other to the breaking point- but they didn't want to kill one another. They looked down on each other, finding their own self more superior than the other, but they never used their castes to prove dominance.

A kismesis pushes you to the edge and pisses you off so much that you want to become better. You want t prove that you're better. You want to prove your worth. You're egged on by their taunts and ridicules, but not in a bad way. In a way that makes you want to punch them to prove that they're wrong. You want to come back, growl, bite, kick, scream, punch, and generally embarrass the other by proving that they were wrong.

It fuels you to become a bigger person. To better yourself and prove your Kismesis wrong.

We see a unhealthy kismesitude in Terezi and Gamzee. She claims to be his kismesis- he doesn't claim anything about her. They egg one another on, but in a bad way. We see this when she's crying, apologizing for nothing when they fought on the island. Their fights were far too violent to be considered healthy.

A healthy kismesitude (which really isn't very healthy to begin with) has injuries you can recover from and- for the masochists and extremes- things that will leave scars. I.E. bruises, broken bones, cuts and scratches, etc.

They were literally trying to kill one another. That is not kismesitude. Not at all.

Having been in three abusive relationships, I can relate to how Terezi acted. Crying for him to stop, pleading for him to stop, blaming herself for something that she had no control over, etc. That is abuse. From this, we can assume her justice-complex got the better of her and his caste was generally more... Deadly... that hers ever was. He- sober or not- wouldn't be able to control himself in any form of a kismesitude. He would simply be too strong.

We can also assume that when she did try to fight back, he only got more violent. Looking back on my past relationships (which hurts to do) I can say, without a doubt, this happened. We can assume, from her crying, that she had been in a situation where he was beating her senseless- beyond the boundary of healthy kismesitudes- and possibly even bringing her near-death. He was poisoning her mind with things she would never have done before- Faygo, her lost pants, getting her sight back, etc.

When people say Gamzee is a cute baby that should be protected- as much as I am in love with his well constructed character- I have to say fuck you, no, rethink what the hell you just fucking said.

Karkat was barely able to shoosh pap him for a short period of time. He is murderous and no matter how you look at it, he is a terrible influence on anyone. Having to "do the devil drugs" like eat sopor slime just to stay sane/calm is a terrible flaw. He would never be normal. He would never be calmed. He is murderous and cannot control his strength- as well as exuding his his strength at improper moments such as this.

I love villainous characters. I do. I love seeing that authors know how to construct an asshole and carry it out without mercy. I love evil characters because without the bad, we cannot know what good is. I love evil characters because my mind is twisted and I like seeing how their mind works and how they carry out their demented deeds.

I love Gamzee's character, don't get me wrong.

I'm just smart enough to realize that no, he should not be protected. No, he does not have a good side. No, he should not be the one who came to life if any of the characters could. No, he is not a precious little baby.

He, Caliborn, and Eridan were made evil and said by Hussie to be villains for a fucking reason. So shut the fuck up and reevaluate your damn life if you think that.

Give me my life back by InvaderSamm
Give me my life back
so the surferstuck fanmade dating sim has taken my life hostage and refuses to return it

rocking back and forth

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 12:51 AM
fetal position

but I love him so.

fucking homosuck updated. Not Homestuck- no- Homosuck.



and the worst part is that he's not updating again until the 25th
fuck. me.

Ascend, Heiress. by InvaderSamm
Ascend, Heiress.
We often forget that Fef's own lusus- the one RAISING her- was literally a demonic god of the Grimdark Grimoire.
Furthermore, we often forget that it was FEFERI who spoke to her dead lusus and it's god-demon-friends to MAKE the Dream Bubbles.

She, single-handedly, created the thing that allowed beta-trolls and alpha-trolls and beta-kids and alpha-kids to meet.
She, in a sense, saved the sanity of some.

I have so much respect, adoration, and love for this one character that she'd literally the heiress of my heart.
She did so much good and justice for the sessions, yet she gets a lot of hate.
I love this troll more than the others and I'm proud to admit it.

Feferi Peixes (c) Andrew Hussie
Art (c) InvaderSamm


InvaderSamm || Samantha || Sugar Cookie

Occupation: Eating all of the food in the fridge without restocking it.
Personality: Party in the shower.
Sexuality: They're hot and I'm angry.
Current Game: Minecraft , Pokemon, WoW
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Current Reads: Homestuck (FREAKING GIGAPAUSE) , TFIOS, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales

My Friends


My friend base is growing and I love it. ;u ;
Those are my closest friends. Do NOT fucking hurt/mess with them. I will murder your ability to bare children.

More Info~

Personality: I can be very shy at times, but mostly I'm a loud-and-proud woman. I curse too much for my own good and will often type in all caps for whatever reason. I'm very insecure and it takes a lot for me to be able to post these pictures of me. Due to severe trust issues I'm attempting to work out, and a very large amount of diffidence, I usually only stick to a select group of people to talk to. I try to communicate with everyone in every way possible, but I seem to get ignored on everything except DeviantArt. I get depressed fairly easily and have a terrible issue with self-mutilation. I am very gorey, as well, and often sit to think about the good ways to kill people.

Sexuality: Pansexual<3

What I Like: I like things like cheesy puns- after all, seven days without puns makes one weak. c: I love nautical puns, and if you tell me one, you'll instantly be friended. I love insane jokes like holocaust jokes, dead baby jokes, etc. Sickening things like that. I love my friends like my Cutie Patootie, my Cupcake, my Sherlock, and my Duckie. I love my watchers, as well.

What I Dislike: I dislike people who bash on gays, mostly. Another thing I dislike is when people bash on other people's beliefs, OTPs, and general stuff like that.

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Relationship: Single

Phobias: Arachnophobia, Claustrophobia, Catagelophobia, Agraphobia, Anthropophobia, Agoraphobia, Insectophobia

Location: Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Etc. Female, obviously. Pisces. 5"1 & 1/2. That half inch fucking counts. 187 lbs - 84.8 kg - 13.3 st. Currently obsessed with WoW and LoL.

Dreams: ~Making a statement to America somehow. Through literary works, speeches- if needed, highly unlikely- SOMEHOW making the populous of the U.S.A. open their eyes to the rights stolen from gays.
~Becoming a Forensic Psychologist or a Mortician
~Publishing a book
~Getting down to an ideal weight (120lbs - 54.4 kg - 8.6 st.)
~Waking up not depressed about anything

Reader Inserts

Fun Fact: It is genetically impossible for women to be 100% color blind. 

3 deviants said Just FYI. c:


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