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March 25, 2013
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               Beneath The Surface.
               [Cat!Russia x Reader]

Warning-ish: USUK used.

Two weeks. It's been two miserable weeks since [y/n] and Ivan broke up. She didn't know what she did wrong, or why he would want to break up, but he was the one who dumped her. She was slowly spiraling into a depression that she wouldn't be able to see her way out of. However, her friend Elizabeta convinced her to get a cat to make her happier.

So, here she was two weeks after her break-up in an animal shelter looking at the cats. No matter how many she looked at, none of them seemed appealing to her. That was, until she spotted him. He was a large, very fluffy cat with purple eyes. Eyes that reminded her of Ivan. The cat walked up to her and started nuzzling her leg gently, forcing a smile onto her lips.

"I think I'll take you home with me." [y/n] said to the cat, picking him up and bringing him to eye level.

'Yep. Those eyes are the exact same.' She thought, her smile growing more.

"How do you like the name 'Ivan'?" She asked the cat as though she expected a reply. What shocked her was that she actually got one. The cat's eyes shut and he meowed happily before licking her nose. A giggle escaped her. "I'll take that as a yes."

~~~~~~~~~Time Skip: One Week~~~~~~~~~~

"I'm a grown woman, dammit! Why does this bother me more than it should!" [y/n] yelled, tears streaming down her eyes. She was currently sitting on her bed, clutching her legs to her chest for dear life and crying into her knees. Her body was shaking violently with the sobs escaping her.

"I just.. I don't see what I did wrong!" She exclaimed before looking up at herself in the wall mirror on the wall opposite of her bed. Her hair was knotted up from bed head, her eyes had deep bags under them, her skin was pale, and she looked like she hasn't eaten in days. In truth, she hasn't.

A small meow distracted her from her thoughts. Looking down at the bed in front of her, she saw little Ivan sitting there expectantly. His purple eyes were filled with worry and he placed his paw on her foot as a kitten-form of comfort. She smiled gently at the kitten and released her legs to pick him up and hold him.

This wasn't the first time this happened. [y/n] would wake up crying from having another dream about when the love of her life dumped her, and little Ivan would make his way into the room and comfort her as though he understood her. To make matters worse- on her end- she often found herself talking to the cat as though he were human.

"You probably hate me for naming you after someone that I can't get over." She said softly before sniffling. Absent mindedly, she began petting the cat as she spoke. His purring was the only thing keeping a false smile on her face. "I tried my hardest to make him happy. Six months of my life were flushed down the toilet... What did I do?" She asked in a whisper as tears started making their course down her cheeks.

Little Ivan looked up and meowed at her before licking away her tears. She giggled slightly. "You're so cute, you know that?" His little ears twitched slightly. "He hasn't been at work in nearly two weeks.. Seeing him hurts, but not seeing him hurts worse." She said, sighing slightly.

Ivan meowed at her and rubbed his head against her cheek. "I don't want to leave you home alone, so how about you come with me to Alfred's?" The cat's eyes narrowed at the name but he gave a kitten nod. "I'll go wash up and get ready, so be ready to leave after that." [y/n] said before standing up and making her way to the bathroom.

~~~~~~~~P.O.V. : Ivan~~~~~~~~

That damned Arthur. Him and his stupid magic forced Ivan into the body of a cat after he broke up with [y/n], and soon after got caught and forced into the animal shelter. He thought he would wake and be human again, but it didn't happen that way. Not at all.

Initially, he had broken up with [y/n] because of all the time she was spending with Alfred. It both hurt his feelings and made him very jealous. Not only was she spending a lot of time with him, but she even cancelled one of their dates because 'Alfred needed someone to be there for him'. So, like any sane human, Ivan thought she was cheating on him.

Everything was going normally after the break up. All except the fact that he would drown himself in vodka every night. Then he got turned into a cat, and as though fate was playing a cruel prank on him, [y/n] was the one to pick him up and adopt him. The irony of it all was that she even named him Ivan.

Every thought of her cheating had soon disappeared after staying with her for the week he had been staying with her. She would wake up crying over the break up, and even talk to him about how she saw things. It was really starting to shatter his heart. But, what hurt the most was what he heard yesterday. The conversation between Alfred and [y/n] when they were on the phone.

--Kitty Flashback--

Ivan had just come in through the kitty-door to see [y/n] fixing him a bowl of tuna. Her phone began to ring, and since her hands were occupied she put it on speaker.

"Hey dude, how have you been?" Alfred yelled through the phone. Hearing his voice made Ivan hiss and slink back into a corner to properly eaves drop.

[y/n] sighed. "Depressed."

"Still hung up over Ivan?"

"I guess." She replied with a saddening tone. "I got a kitten to help take my mind off of him, but my luck is so cruel. I named him Ivan- his eyes, his attitude, his affections.. Everything about this cat reminds me of my-- ehr, of the Russian I'm in love with."

In his corner, Ivan's heart seemingly shattered. Seeing [y/n] so vulnerable, crying even, over him was hurting him way more than it should have been. Why was she telling Alfred this if she was using him to cheat on him?

"I know what you mean, dude. When I got Biscuit.. Well, you know the story. Hell, even his eyebrows are the same!"

This comment drew a giggle from [y/n]. "Maybe I should bring Ivan over tomorrow. A kitten play date."

"YEAH!" Alfred cheered happily. "I've really missed you. You need to get out more." He stated.

"I know."

"Maybe you can help me confess..." Al said.

"I will." She said happily. "I really want to see you and Arthur together. It would be so cute!" She said, a smile even gracing her lips.

A nervous chuckle came from the other end of the line. "J-Just don't tell anyone.."

"I haven't yet, have I?" She asked before picking the phone up and taking him off of speaker. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay? I have to run and feed Ivan. Bye~"

Still sitting in his corner, Ivan was in shock. Alfred liked Arthur, and she was planning on helping the hyperactive American confess to the stuck-up Brit. He blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. It started to make sense. The day that she cancelled their dinner plans was the same day that Arthur confessed that he was thinking about moving back to England. Ivan felt stupid.

--End of Kitty Flashback--

Now, even though the American wasn't dating his precious [y/n], he still didn't like Alfred. Ivan saw him as the very reason that they broke up.

~~~~~Time Skip: Three Hours~~~~

Ivan and Arthur were sitting on the floor, looking at the bowl of food placed between them.

"So you got hit by the magic, too?" Arthur asked. Ivan nodded. "I sincerely apologize, Ivan. I didn't mean this to happen in the least bit. Though, I will admit that it shines some light on our situations."

"Da. I agree." Ivan responded. "I thought [y/n] was cheating on me with Alfred. I didn't have the slightest clue about why they were spending so much time together. And seeing her this depressed on a daily basis really hurts."

"I know what you mean." Arthur replied with a kitten nod. "I thought he was dating [y/n], so I started to get depressed. If I would have known that he liked me in the first place, I wouldn't have tried to use magic to teleport me back to England."

Ivan chuckled at this. "She even named me Ivan, even though I'm a cat."

"Lucky!" Arthur said with a meow. "That bloody wanker named me Biscuit. He even has the gall to call me Iggy, too." He said, looking away. If they were human still, the Brit would have been blushing at the last statement.

"Ivan! Iggy!" Alfred called out from his room. "Come here, please!"

"See what I mean?" Arthur said with a frustrated meow.

Ivan nodded before standing on all fours and trotting into the room. [y/n] was sitting cross legged on the bed in front of Alfred, who was sitting in a similar manner. Upon seeing her cat enter the room, she smiled brightly.

"Are you getting along with Biscuit?" She asked in a sing-song tone. Ivan smiled in his cat-like way at seeing her happy again and meowed as a response.

Alfred chuckled. "I see what you mean. He really does respond to you!"

"And I see what you mean by Biscuit acting so much like Arthur. He even looks like he has his eyebrows, like you said. And that permanent scowl." She responded before picking her cat up and sitting him in her lap.

Arthur was grumbling things that only Ivan could hear before he jumped up to sit in Alfred's lap. "Bloody wankers. Making fun of me."

"We wanted you to hear what I plan on telling Arthur. Would you like to hear it?" Alfred asked, looking down at the cats expectantly. Ivan meowed while 'Biscuit' placed a paw on his chest. The American chuckled before nodding and looking up at [y/n].

"Arthur, dude, I know we've been friends for a while, but I really don't want to be friends anymore. I want to be more than that. Dude, I love you and I can't stand being around you without you knowing that. I know I'm taking a huge risk at telling you this, trust me I don't want to ruin our friendship as is, but I just.." Alfred trailed off.

[y/n] giggled slightly. "Well, except for the ending, I like it."

Arthur began grumbling under his breath again before leaning up and licking Alfred's cheek hesitantly.

~~~~~~P.O.V. : Reader-Chan~~~~~~

Alfred looked down at the white and beige cat, slightly shocked. He laughed at it, though. "Dude, that was cute! He's never kissed me before!"

"Really?" [y/n] asked, shocked. "Ivan kisses me all the time." She said with a smile as the cat in her lap proved it by leaning up and licking the tip of her nose.

Biscuit's eyebrows looked like the furrowed and he meowed at Ivan, which elicited a meow in response. [y/n] raised one of her eyebrows expectantly before Ivan meowed again. As if Ivan were telling the kitten to kiss Alfred, Biscuit leaned up and kissed his cheek once more.

Smoke filled the room with a loud "boom" sound, much like hearing a refrigerator fall on the ground. The bed dipped further down as more weight was added to it. [y/n] and Alfred began coughing and hacking like crazy, looking for their cats in the messy situation.

"Ivan! Where are you!" [y/n] cried out desperately.

"Right here, da?" Was the response. She froze in her spot at a very familiar set of eyes looked at her though the smoke. His hands were on her shoulders and sitting in front of her was the Russian she had fallen in love with in the first place. Tears began falling down her cheeks and a pained smile formed on her lips.

"I missed you." She whispered.

Ivan leaned in a kissed away her tears, much like her cat did before. "I missed you too, love."

~~~~~Time Skip: Two Hours~~~~~~

[y/n] and Ivan were laying on her bed, cuddled up and watching a movie. "So how was it like being a cat?"

"Confusing." He answered before leaning over and capturing her in another kiss. "But it hurt. It hurt seeing my little sunflower in so much pain." He kissed her cheeks, then her forehead, then her nose, and finally settled on kissing her lips again. "I promise I won't leave you again."

"Ya lyublyu tebya, Ivan." [y/n] whispered before kissing him again.

He chuckled and tightened his grip on her. "Did I ever tell you that it's really sexy when you speak Russian?"

[y/n]'s face was instantly covered by a crimson blush. "I-I.. N-No, you didn't.."

He kissed her neck gently before biting on the flesh, forcing a small moan to come from her. "Well, it is. Ya lyublyu tebya, [y/n]."
xD Anyway.. I promised :iconxraenee: that I'd write her a Russia x Reader for her birthday as well, so here it is. Kitty form c:<

This is representing the word Cat in the 25 Word Challenge. I'm running out of words, so PLEASE tell me if there's a word you want me to use.
Gerh. My fist kitty thing. I hope it's okay. I'm not too happy with it.

Hetalia and All Characters - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexyrussiaplz:
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