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March 16, 2013
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                         Getting The Girl
                         [Norway x Reader]

    Warnings: In this fanfiction, Reader-chan is arachnophobic. [Deathly terrified of spiders]. There's slight nudity, and a small suggestion at the end.

"What are you talking about, Lukas? You said I could come over tonight!" She shouted into the phone that was held on her ear. [y/n] and Lukas had been best friends for as long as they both could remember, and he was just being a stubborn tool bag when he denied her access to his house.

"I remember. We have a World Summit meeting tomorrow, and it would be wise to-" Lukas said.

"To what! It's being held in Norway this time, and we've known each other long enough-" She tried to argue back.

"[Country name], otherwise known as [y/n], what are you planning?" Lukas asked defensively.

A scoff came from her. "Lukas! Come on, it's been two years since I've seen you last-- outside of those stupid meetings!" She yelled. With a deep inhale, she lowered her voice to a pleading tone. "I just want to spend some time with my supposed best friend.. But apparently he has no wish to spend time with me."

Lukas went quiet. Since he was saying no more, [y/n] hit the 'end' button on her phone and shoved it angrily into her pocket. It rang not even a second later, but she refused to answer it. She sat on the edge of the park bench and put her face into her hands. Sure, she had money enough to hold her over for the week with even enough for a shopping break or two, but she didn't want to be alone.

She had acquired a large crush on the Norwegian long ago, and being separated for so long may have increased that. Feeling defeated, she simply sat there and watched the children play around around her. Her suitcases were lying around her feet and the only thing that fully held her attention was the Norwegian sky above her.

She didn't know how long she had sat there, but it must have been a few hours. When she looked away from the sky, which the sun was now setting, she noticed that none of her bags were there. Before [y/n] could fully panic, a hand rested itself on her shoulder.

"Your things are already in the car. Come on." A familiar voice said from somewhere above her.

Looking up, [y/n] saw a familiar pair of blue eyes and neat blond hair held back by a cross clip. A smile threatened to break  her face as what he meant clicked in her mind. "Thank you, Norge! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

The stoic nation only nodded. "Why didn't you answer me when I called back?"

A pout settled itself on her face. "I didn't want to hear what you had as an excuse for not letting me stay."

The Norwegian nodded once more, beginning to walk back to his vehicle with [y/n] following close behind. "I'd prefer you not call me Norge. It reminds me of an idiotic Dane."

She had to force her giggle down to a simple snort. "B-But.." Her laugh tried to escape, but she forced it down once more. "Y-Your eyes glimmer in this weird way when I call you that, Norge." She finished, adding extra emphasis on his nickname.

His brow furrowed slightly and an almost angry look settled on his face. "At least you're honest. But I still don't like it."

~~~~~Later That Night~~~~~

The Nordic countries were all over at Lukas's house, enjoying dinner with [y/n] sitting with them. A small noise of approval came from her as she smiled contently at the food that they all pitched in to prepare. "You know, this is my favorite part of coming over. Getting to eat a little something from each of the five countries." She commented while happily wiggling in her seat.

Tino, the personification of Finland, chuckled at her. "I can tell, [y/n]. There's the 'happy wiggle'."

"HEY!" Matthias yelled. "I'M the one who named it the Happy Wiggle, so I'M the only one that gets to use it." He finished with a curt nod, trying to sound like he knew what he was talking about.

A grunt came from Berwald, making the two engage in a staring contest.

"As much as I hate to put everyone down.. I happen to enjoy Emil's Icelandic food the most." She stated with a joyous smile.

The youngest nation's face flushed a bright red and he kept his face down on his plate.

The Norwegian sitting next to him looked as though he was scowling. "Well, it's obviously because he had a great brother teaching him."

Her laughter resonated through the room, forcing smiles to everyone's faces- even the strict Swede's.

"But my pastries are the best, right?!" The loud Dane asked with a frantic look on his face.

"Hmm..." She said, putting another bite of Emil's cooking into her mouth. "Nej. Mine are." She finished with a triumphant smile.

"Sh's r'ght, y'kn'w." Berwald said with a curt nod.

"Shut your face, ya damn Swede!" Matthias yelled.

"No fighting at the table, or no dessert!" [y/n] said, scowling at the Dane. He whimpered slightly but returned to eating silently.

The only one who seemed to notice the light pink dusting Lukas's face was Emil. He nudged his older brother slightly and looked between him and [y/n] with a knowing smirk on his face. The Norwegian blushed harder.

"Eh? Norge, why so red?" [y/n] asked, efficiently pulling everyone's attention to him.

"Oh, that's an easy one!" Matthias yelled through a chuckle. "He lov-" The Danish man was cut off by Lukas using his tie to strangle him once again. A soft smile eased it's way onto her features and she spoke dangerously.

"No dessert."

The two looked up in shock. "Aw, come on guys! I was looking forward to her pastries!" Finland said in a whine.

~~~~~Even Later That Night~~~~~

Norway was cleaning the kitchen up alongside Denmark as punishment for fighting at the table. They had convinced [y/n] to make her award-winning desserts, and they were left to clean the mess because of something that Lukas really didn't want her to find out. Finland, Sweden and Iceland had taken leave from the Norwegian's abode and [y/n] was getting ready for a bath.

Denmark was right at the door, about to exit the house all together, when a shrill shriek echoed through the house. Lukas and Matthias both lifted their guards to an all time high when they had heard it, and the Norwegian rushed toward the location of the scream with the Dane hot on his heels.

Before long, [y/n] came running out of the bathroom stark naked. She rushed forward and immediately went to cling to the Norwegian country. "Help me Lukas! There's a demon spawn in the bathroom that wants to eat me!" She cried out, shaking violently against the confused man.

Matthias moved past the two to get to the bathroom, but not before checking [y/n] out. How could he deny a beautiful damsel in distress? A naked one at that. He proceeded forth into the clean and sparkling room and out of the others' sight.

Lukas awkwardly rubbed [y/n]'s back as she clung to him to keep from crying. Her whimpers were heart-breaking. His face was shining a bright red and his body language was awkward as can be. He felt every bit of her nude curves against him, and it took all his might not to comment on it.

"Is this the 'demon spawn' you were talking about, [y/n]?" Matthias asked as he came out of the room with a small, dead spider in the palm of his hand.

She screamed and his behind Lukas, holding her face against his back. "GET THAT SERVANT OF SATAN AWAY FROM ME!!"

Matthias chuckled before continuing out the door with the spider. "See you tomorrow!"

When the door shut, [y/n] calmed down slightly. Still shaking and whimpering, she looked up to her friend and asked one thing she- in her right state of mind- would have never asked.

"Will you shower with me? Or at least stay in the room there? I don't wanna see another one of those eight-legged freaks while I'm alone.."

Lukas's face light up such a bright red that he could have sworn that it was the only thing illuminating the room. A small noice came from him. "[Country name], there's no reason to be afraid-"

"BULL CRAP! THAT DEMONIC ENTITY WAS READY TO EAT ME!" She screamed, tears forming in her eyes.

Lukas sat silent for only a few brief moments. "Fine. I'll stay in the room with you."

~~~~In The Shower~~~~

[y/n] had turned the water off and reached out for her towel. She wrapped it snugly around herself before stepping out, the steam billowing out alongside her. Her face lifted up to see Lukas, staring down at his hands with a heavy-set blush.

"You know," [y/n] began in an almost teasing tone, "this would be a lot easier to deal with if you were my-" She stopped herself from saying the word she longed to say. Boyfriend.

Lukas looked up with a shocked expression, as though he knew what she was about to say. "M-Me?" He asked.

It was then her time to blush furiously as she nodded. "W-Well, yeah, I mean I've liked you for years now and-"

She was cut off by his lips against hers. She only stood there shocked for a few moments before completely melting into the kiss. His arms wrapped around her waist at the same moment that her arms wrapped around his neck. As he parted from her, he allowed a smile to play on his lips.

"I take it that the feeling I feel towards you is mutual."

She smiled brightly before being picked up by her new boyfriend. "Let's go to bed." He said sharply.

[y/n] giggled slightly. "I need to get dressed." She stated quietly, remembering the only thing covering her was a towel.

An animalistic growl came from Lukas as he laid his lidded eyes on her body. "Not tonight, you don't."
PFFT. THIS HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY. Except I didn't get a boyfriend or confess my feelings. No, but the dialogue spoken by reader-chan came straight from my mouth. xD Yeah, I have BAD arachnophobia. And, in my defense, I DID have my undies and bra on. I wasn't nekkid. xDDD

Number Four of the 25 word challenge - Spider. Seriously, guys? My Tumblr followers just want me to cry when writing a fanfic, I swear.

Hetalia and all characters - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsparklenorwayplz:
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Hehehe... Great story! Though, I'm usually the one who has to get the spiders away from the other girls... Or bugs in general for that matter... But I'll pretend to be scared!
Ur a great writer!!!
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