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March 13, 2013
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                         Left Me Depressed.
                         [America x Reader]

Warning: OOC moments.~

It was another average day in [favorite subject]. High school was dull and passed on slower than a turtle race at Antonio's, but at least [y/n] had her friends to help her through. Four days until Spring Break, and so far she had no plans for her final Spring Break of high school. This was her last year of schooling, and she wanted to go out with a bang, but everything seemed to be fairing against her.

With a sigh, she went to rest her cheek in the palm of her hand in a bored manner. However, a little piece of paper landed perfectly on her hand, making her look to the left to see who had thrown the folded piece so perfectly.

Of course, it would have to be Alfred Jones. His eyes were wide in disbelief and his mouth agape in shock at the perfect shot. A large smile broke out over his face and his fist pumped excitedly into the air in a silent cheer for his small accomplishment. Gilbert, who was sitting behind him, snickered and high-fived before telling Matthias about his accomplishment.

Those three, dubbed the Awesome Trio by their adoring fan girls, were the stars of the Football team. Alfred was quarterback, Matthias was the star running back, and Gilbert was the best linesman the school had. Together, the three were unstoppable on the field, and best friends at the same time.

A smile crossed her face and, amused at the three acting a fool again, she unfolded the note. Alfred's handwriting was never the best, but she had grown used to it over the ten years they had been friends.

'Any plans for tonight? Gaming marathon at Gil's! You're in, right?'

A sigh escaped her lips. It wasn't that [y/n] didn't want to go, it's just that she hasn't been able to talk to Alfred alone in a while. She furrowed her brow and wrote her answer to his question, making sure to choose her words carefully. She folded the note again and looked over to the trio, who all had expectant looks for her to throw it. She sighed, knowing that even if she did throw it she wouldn't make it over to them.

Taking an alternate route, she picked up a pice of crumpled paper in the floor and walked their way, sneakily placing the note on Alfred's desk as she continued over to the wastepaper basket to throw the extra piece of paper away. Glancing back at him, she smirked as she continued over to her seat.

Matthias was looking over Alfred's shoulder to read her reply, which was; 'Nope, no plans. I can't make it, though. Feeling sick.'

Gilbert narrowed his eyes on her and she merely shrugged before forcing up a realistic sounding, hacking cough. His eyes softened and he snatched the paper from Alfred to scribble on it to have his input on the situation and threw it at her. The quarterback looked back at the albino with a scowl, obviously not finishing what he was writing. The three looked over to her in time to see her catch the paper expertly, earning looks of approval from the trio.

Opening the paper, [y/n] was barely able to make out what the note said. 'Well, fine! We didn't want you there anyway, haha! Just kidding, but you need to--' Alfred's writing stopped there, continuing on into Gilbert's sloppier scribbles. 'Get better, Frau. We can't have you sick on Spring Break!'

A small sigh escaped [y/n] lips. Instead of replying, she crumpled the paper and tossed it like a basketball player into the wastepaper basket. It was an amazing feat, seeing as how she had to make it over the trio and all the way to the back wall. After seeing it go in, Matthias couldn't help his outburst.

"SCORE!" The Dane yelled with his arms above his head.

"MATTHIAS!" An angry sounding male's voice boomed over the room, making it quiet with fear. "Stay after class."

"Yes sir." The aforementioned male sighed and slumped, letting his head fall on the desk in front of him.

"Honestly. You three are close friends with [y/n], right? Why can't you take after her more-aru?" Mister Yao had said while shaking his head.

They went speechless at the teacher's statement, the three looking between themselves before settling their gaze on her with smirks adorning their flawless faces.

~~~~~Time Skip: Sixth Day Of Spring Break - Thursday~~~~~

[y/n] looked at herself in the mirror with a triumphant smirk. She had to go on vacation with her family to Florida for four days of Spring Break and she had just gotten back. The awesome trio has yet to be informed, however she changed. She had a slightly darker complexion than when she left, due to the tropical sun rays and her hair grew four inches in six days. The latter was appalling, seeing as how a small change in scenery shouldn't have that kind of an effect on any human's body.

Her [h/c] hair was loose and wavy, thanks to not drying it when getting out of the shower. Her [e/c] eyes seemed to be brought out by the small amount of mascara she'd applied, and her lips were glossed lightly in a faint peach color. She was wearing something more girly than her normal attire, but she liked it.

A loose, gray and over sized sweater, looking hand-stitched, fell loosely on her body to her mid-thigh. It was so large on her that her left shoulder showed perfectly. The shirt said "Florida" in [favorite color] lettering, matching her [favorite color] leggings. As for her feet, she wore a pair of simple, gray converse.

[y/n] looked over herself in the mirror before smiling with new found courage. She walked carefully over to the bed and picked up her iPhone before dialing Matthias's number.

The line barely had a chance to ring once before the Danish male picked up the other end. "[y/n]! Where are you?! You haven't been home and we were really worried! At least tell us if you leave, next time!"

A giggle escaped from her at the male's worried tone. Another giggle erupted as she heard Gilbert in the background saying "[y/n] called you first? Nein! Vhere is she? GET OVER HERE NOW!"

"Calm down. My mom decided to take a spontaneous vacation to Florida, but I'm home now." She said, smiling into the phone. "Oh, where's Al?"

"A-About that.." Matthias started, his tone dropping notably. "We're over at Gil's house, but you should go pick Al up, 'kay? See you soon!" He yelled before hanging up on her.

A look of surprise and worry tainted her features as she stared at the phone like she was seeing fire for the first time. "What was that about?" She breathed out, still slightly worried about why she would need to pick up the hyperactive quarterback. Usually, the three were inseparable, and yet Alfred wasn't with the other two.

Not wasting any more time, she clutched her phone tighter before rushing out of the house and down the street. In a fast-paced jog, she zoomed past three houses on the street before turning into the Jones's driveway. She continued her jog, and was about to burst into the house before she stopped to catch her breath. Once she was no longer panting, she knocked on the door.

It took a while, but a dainty female with a small smile and the smell of hamburgers emitting from her answered the door. "[y/n]! Honey, we've missed you!" Alfred's mother instantly pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. "Oh, [y/n], Al is up in his room.. He hasn't come out in two days.. If anyone can get him out, I'm sure it's you, dear."

"Thank you, mom!" [y/n] responded before stepping into the house and running up the stairs. She was so close to the awesome trio, that their parents and siblings requested that she speak to them casually as though she were a part of their families as well. Alfred's family was no exception.

She passed Matthew's door before stopping in front of the white door that leads into Alfred's room. A Captain America poster was on it, with the words "I'M THE HERO" scribbled in his handwriting on the bottom of the poster in black Sharpie. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on his door.

"What do you want?" Al called back, his voice hoarse and sad sounding.

A twinge of guilt hit her like a truck, but she didn't speak. Instead, she knocked again.

"Go away."

She knocked again.

This time, it seemed that Alfred was getting fed up with her intrusion of his solitude. He threw the door open, obviously expecting someone other than the female standing in front of him. At the sight of her, his entire being froze. Her brow furrowed in worry as she took in his appearance.

There he stood, only standing in his American-flag print boxers. His hair was so disheveled that she couldn't tell where his signature cowlick was. His eyes had heavy bags under them and looked like he stayed up crying the entire night. His face had some scruff on it, like he had gotten into a scuffle and has yet to fix the scratch.

"A-Al!" [y/n] yelled happily as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He chuckled as though he couldn't believe what was happening now was real. And he didn't think it was.

"[y/n].... [y/n].." He mumbled into her hair as he inhaled her scent and returned her embrace, feeling as though if he let go that she would leave forever. Finally, he reluctantly pulled back and looked over her. "Where did you go?!"

"Mom spontaneously decided we should go to Florida for Spring Break." She answered with a shrug. "Are you okay, Al?"

The male looked down at himself and blushed furiously. Here he was looking as terrible as possible, and the female he'd fallen in love with was all gussied up and looking gorgeous.

"Yeah, ha-"

"Don't lie to me, Al." She said firmly. "What's wrong?"

His cerulean eyes looked at her [e/c] ones in shock. A different set of emotions quickly drowned out that look, replacing it with longing and hurt and love. "I-I... I can't say.."

[y/n]'s brow went up, worrying over her best friend more. "Al, I've known you for an eternity now.. I've never seen you like this."

Alfred grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his room, which was surprisingly clean, and shut the door behind her. All except for the puddle of photos in the center of the room. The sight of his room being clean sent her into a state of shock before she caught a glimpse of one of the pictures.

On the glossy surface was a picture from their Middle School days. Alfred was standing on a swing, Gilbert sitting on the top of the swing set, and Matthias was pushing [y/n] in the swing next to Al. That one picture brought a smile to her face, and she was drawn to the puddle, noticing that all of the pictures were from their childhood together.

"[y/n].." Alfred sighed, leaning against the door. "I-I thought you left for good. I was so worried that I messed up somehow and drove you away.. I couldn't help the feeling, and before I knew it, I could only think depressing thoughts. What if you never came back. What if you left because of me. What if you didn't like me anymore..." His voice trailed off.

When she turned back to look at him, his arms were around himself in an attempt to hold himself and tears were steadily falling from his eyes. "I was so scared I messed up. You weren't answering my calls or texts.." He sniffled. A shattering noise echoed in her ears, and she was positive that it was the sound of her heart breaking at the sight.

[y/n] knew for a long time that she liked Alfred a lot, but seeing him break down like this while confessing his feelings for her was just too much. The all mighty Alfred that she loved so dearly had been reduced to a depressed teenager. She calmly walked over to him and looked up to him to wipe his tears away.

His bright blue eyes opened in disbelief. A small smile spread over her features as she pulled his arms off of him in order to embrace him. "Al.."

"I'm so glad you're back." He said, sniffing once more before tightening his grip around her.


"Please.. Don't leave again.." He said, the words being muffled by her hair again.

"Alfred! Listen to me!" She said, looking up to him. He looked back and nodded, refusing to release her from his grasp. "I love you." She said boldly.

His eyes widened and his grip on her faltered slightly. A smile burst over his face and threatened to break it in two. He breathed out a harsh gasp before removing his hands from her waist and moving them to cup her cheeks and shower her with sweet kisses. "I love you, too."

She giggled slightly before pulling her phone up to eye level. He raised an eyebrow at her and watched as she texted Matthias; 'Al and I will be over tomorrow[: Kay? Problem solved!'

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her protectively again. "Spend the day with me?"

"Anytime, Al." [y/n] replied before she gave him a quick peck on the cheeks. "Mom was making hamburgers when I walked in. Want something to eat?"

"Hell yes!"


Matthias looked at his phone in disbelief. "Gil, come take a look at this!"

Gilbert paused the game before scurrying over the bed to look at the Dane's phone. The text from [y/n] was loud and clear. A smirk appeared on their faces. "Nein. I say ve go und see zhem."

Matthias nodded. "And it'll only be worth it more if we can get some pictures of them--"

"Hey! If they're doing that, videos are better blackmail material." Gilbert stated with a nod. The two chuckled before rushing out of the house and over to Alfred's for a proper reunion.
First word down in the word challenge. "5. Depression --America/Alfred" DONE.
I jumped on this one, because I just KNEW I wanted to make this the hero's word. BLEH. Not the proudest of this one, but I still like it. c: I hope you do.~

Hetalia / Prussia / America / Denmark / China - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexyamericaplz:

Yes. I love this trio. c:
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