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March 13, 2013
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                    Love and War.
                    [Germany x Powerful!Reader]

A small figure was standing in front of the shooting range, holding needles between her fingers . Her arms were crossed at the wrists in front of her bust. Her [e/c] eyes narrowed sharply before making a swift movement, flicking her wrists and releasing the needles all while separating her arms. One by one, each needle impaled the center of the bulls-eye, each on a different figurine. All but one, the farthest to her left, which landed two centimeters away from the center-most part. It was still in the red, yes, but it was not good enough.

[y/n] was a perfectionist, making sure each of her techniques were spot-on before even daring to show anyone other than herself. She would always show her fellow Axis powers. Feliciano would compliment her and Kiku would give her something to think about like trying the techniques at different angles and such.

Then there was Ludwig. No matter how much she trained, even on the days that the other three took breaks, he would never recognize her as his equal. Not anywhere close. He put himself on too high of a pedestal for her to even think about measuring up to his standards. And yet, [y/n] couldn't help but feel strange around him.

Every time she thought of the German, her heart would flutter and make her stomach do flips. In front of him, a stutter would come out here and there. In front of anyone else, she was fine and stricter than Germany himself. However, in front of him, her knees were weak and she didn't want to stand at attention. She could never place why she felt that way.

Lost in thought, she had already removed the needles and was standing at her previous spot. Her [e/c] eyes closed as she concentrated on nothing and everything. The needles were firm in her fingers, and with another expert move of her arms and wrists the needles were sent flying and hit the center-most spot of each bulls eye. Only after the silver slivers of metal impaled the figurines did she open her eyes to see her accomplishment.

A smirk graced her lips before pulling out a hand gun. It was an old school .22 Magnum, and with malicious accuracy, the female shot a figurine in six different regions before stopping to reload and move to the next. Her training with long distance weaponry was her weakness, though you wouldn't think so from the accuracy of her moves. It took her several months of almost non-stop training to get to the level she's on.

~~~~~~Time Skip: Nine Hours- With Ludwig~~~~~~~

The blond German marched angrily over to the shooting range. This was the place he retreated to when angered to a burning rage. However, the sight before him appalled him to no end. Six figurines were shot six times each, and each bullet hole was in a potentially deadly area. He was shocked even further to see [y/n]'s signature needles at the red-painted bulls eye of each figurine.

His harsh blue eyes went down to the clipboard below him. There were several notes on accuracy when attacking, notes on angles that looked more complicated than Trigonometry and Calculus put together, and even notes on defending in long-distance battles. All were hand written in thick graphite and in her beautiful handwriting. His hand caressed the paper carefully.

Ludwig's heart burned and ached violently in his chest. He kept putting her down to get her to go home. The last thing he wanted was for her to get hurt in any way during this war. The Axis were going up against people as scary as Russia, and he was sure that she's at least come home with broken bones and bruises. The thought of an angel like [y/n] being war-worn made him disgusted with himself.

"I've got to tell her zhat she's not needed.." Ludwig thought aloud.

The chances of them winning was slim enough even with [y/n]'s incredulous power. Losing another person in this war was simply not an option to anyone, and yet here he was, about to tell their best power to go home.

"N-Nein.. I can't do zhat to her.." He continued, obviously need in thought. "I'll tell her to vork as back-up. Italy probably won't see America or Russia.. She can be his back-up.." He continued, knowing the Italian wouldn't mind that decision one bit.

"All right zhen. Back-up. She doesn't need to be in danger." Ludwig said, nodding to himself before going back to the base camp.

~~~~~~Back With [y/n]~~~~~~~

[y/n] had just gotten into her bed time clothes after a well-needed bath, consisting of a [favorite color] tank top and black short shorts. She was wearing thigh-high socks and was just getting herself a glass of water when Feliciano screamed bloody murder. The shriek was enough to alarm anyone within a seventy-five kilometer radius that they were in danger.

[y/n] barely had time to slip her combat boots on, along with her belt of all her weapons before running outside to assist the terrified personification of Italy. She saw Kiku already fighting off England, which was a rather impressive sight. However, that left the near-defenseless Italian with four others; France, Russia, China, and America. All three of the world's strongest were here, and [y/n] was ready.

Her hand slipped into a pouch on her belt and took off in a sprint to the Italian's side, swiftly throwing her needles at the countries. Two had hit France in his left shoulder which rendered that arm useless, America was hit at the wrist which left that hand useless, and three others simply bounced off the Russian. China, sensing her presence, had already swiftly moved out of the line of fire.

"[y/n]! What are you doing with the Axis, dudette?" Alfred said, pulling the needle out of his useless wrist.

"Fighting. That's what." She answered sternly.

A faint change in the wind alerted her of the presence coming down on her. On instinct, she reached down and grabbed a tonfa before using it to defend against China's feet attempting to crush her. She threw him off before grabbing another tonfa with the free hand and running after him, to engage in close-combat.

"I-I cannot fight ze cherie." France stated, blushing at her attractive attire.

"Da. Your arm is already useless." Russia agreed before pulling out a metal pipe. "Worry not, da? I have got this under control."

The large Russian ran toward her, his pipe well behind his head and coming down on her fast. Luck happened to be on her side tonight, because when she side-stepped she managed to narrowly parry the pipe with a tonfa. Surrounded by communist countries, [y/n] felt pushed into a corner.

"Vhat happened here!" Ludwig screamed, running toward the scene. Feliciano was on the ground, shaking violently as he watched [y/n] in awe. Kiku was now defending himself against England, and was advancing on the blond. France and America were sitting back, seemingly wounded, and watched as [y/n] fought off both China and Russia.

"Calm down, Ludwig. We're at war. This is predicted to happen." [y/n] said calmly as she narrowly dodged a pipe coming from the scary Russian.

"Calm down? YOU VANT ME TO CALM DOWN?" He screamed uncharacteristically, earning strange looks from everyone on the field. Save for Russia. His look was the same creepy smile he always wore.

Using Ludwig's scream to her advantage, [y/n] switched her weapons to battle axes. Dual wielding double-bladed battle axes was her specialty, and she enjoyed beserking. The only two who knew this about her, though, was America and Prussia. At the sight of the weapons, America shuddered violently.

"Dude, China! Russia! Back out, NOW!"

China took notice and followed the American's command, but Russia seemed to be only more interested in the female. He went to hit her with his pipe, but with flawless accuracy she pulled one ax down on it and sliced through the pipe as though it were butter. His long coat was sliced down the middle as well, seeing as how he was holding it far too close.

The Russian visibly paled and fled faster than Italy ran when England was after him. Soon after, the Allies were gone from sight and the Axis sighed in relief.

"[y/n]-san, where did you rearn to use axes?" Kiku asked, curious as can be.

She smiled back to the three, a sight they didn't see often anymore. "I lived with Denmark, Norway and Sweden back in their Viking days. I picked it up from them, and I've still got it."

Ludwig angrily stomped back in the house they were using as a base before coming back out with [y/n]'s things and dropping all the items at the front door. "I vant you out. Now."

[y/n]'s heart trembled in fear of rejection. "L-Ludwig.. Why?" Anger was slowly filling her senses, almost rendering her unable to see and hear. "I was the one who drove them back for you, and you're not even grateful?!" She yelled at the blond.

The German scoffed. "I could have easily done zhat if I had been here."

"But you weren't!" She screamed, thoroughly pissed.

"Germany, why does [y/n] have-a to leave?" Feliciano questioned, obviously confused.

His blue eyes narrowed and a look of pain flashed over them. [y/n] didn't notice, since she was too busy fuming to care. "I cannot train her to become a better soldier." He wasn't lying. She was far above his level, and he simply couldn't train her any more no matter what he did to try.

Something in [y/n] finally snapped at his comment. Words came out of her in an unnerving calm tone before she could think over what she was saying. "I'm through of trying. I try so hard, I strive for perfection and you put me down. You treat me like I'm inferior. I don't care how much I love you, I can't stand this. I'm leaving, and don't expect me back."

Ludwig froze, his eyes wide and his mouth agape. Kiku's eyes were wide as well, but he was animatedly looking between the arguing two while obviously wondering how the blond was going to come back to her confession hidden behind anger.

[y/n] picked her stuff up calmly, and turned her back to the three. "I won't be here to save you, Feli. Be sure to train harder for me, okay?" She said in a cold tone before walking off though the thick woods.

"Germany-san...?" Kiku asked, but stopped as he saw that the aforementioned male wasn't out of his trance yet.

~~~~~~Time Skip: Next Day- With Kiku~~~~~~~

Ludwig, the personification of Germany, didn't get out of his room all day. It was high noon and he's yet to come out of the little space he locked himself in. Kiku was getting more and more worried about him.

A knock at the door interrupted his motions of making tea. The shy country stole one more glance back to the blond's locked room before sighing and opening the front door. What he saw made him want to scream in a shrill female's voice.

Alfred and Ivan were leaning on each other, bleeding profusely and bruised in several places.

"Dude, i-is Germany there?" America choked out, before coughing.

Japan nodded before quickly retreating to the kitchen, next to where Ludwig's room was located. The two countries, the strongest of the strong, looked like they belonged in a hospital rather than on the battle front. The meek country knew that the other two weren't anywhere near close to dying, but they looked tortured to the brink of death.

Kiku proceeded to knock on the blond German's door. A grunt came from the other side, and the shyer of the two felt his brow crease. "America-san and Russia-san are here. They said they want to see you. They rook terribre."

Ludwig, curious, finally came out of solitude in a black tank top and German-flag print boxers. Walking into the front room, he saw the two large nations slumped against each other.

"Germany. Sign this, da?" Russia said, holding out a slightly bloodied piece of parchment.

Looking carefully over the document, his eyes narrowed. "Vho set you up to zhis."

America swallowed painfully before speaking up again. "[y/n]."

Enraged once more, the German threw his fist down on the wall, leaving a hole in his wake. "Verdammt!" The blond went back to his room to dress and stormed out the door.

~~~~~Time Skip: Three Hours- With [y/n]~~~~~

[y/n] was happily soaking in a natural hot spring she had found. Of course, she was bathing, but it was relaxing. She really needed to calm down. After terribly confessing to Ludwig last night, she found herself an emotional wreck. Never before did she find a need to show any sort of useless emotion such as sadness or pain or love, but now they came crashing down on her.

"Verdammt, [y/n]! Vhere zhe hell are you!" She heard Ludwig yell in the distance.

Her eyes widened in fear of being found. [y/n] scurried out of the warm waters and quickly dressed in the attire she had fought in the previous night. Seconds after she finished tying up her combat boots, she stood to fins Germany looming over her ferociously. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the nearest tree, knowing full well that she simply couldn't fight back against him.

"Vhy did you do zhat. You know I don't vant a treaty."

[y/n]'s eyes narrowed dangerously. "Because you pissed me off. I took care of the toughest for you. Go sign the damned papers and get away from me."

"Nein." He stated simply. Before she could growl at his protest, Ludwig's lips captured hers, making her melt into a delicious kiss full of passion and love. All of her senses were drown out by his emotions coming in through the kiss. The rough way his lips moved against hers, the protective way his arms snaked around her, and even the burning passion ignited within the both of them.

Her arms drifted up and wrapped around his neck lovingly, breaking the kiss for no longer than a second before diving back for more. He tasted strongly of wurst and beer, but there was a taste hidden behind that which could only be described as Ludwig. That hidden taste was what she craved.

Soon, he pulled away, panting and resting his forehead against hers. "Ich liebe dich, auch, [y/n]." He said, responding to her confession from the night before.
Here's the second word for the 25 word challenge; Anger.
A long-ish Reader Insert that I am thoroughly pleased with. I wrote this in about 2 hours time while watching Phantom of the Opera. ; o;
I wanted to make Reader-chan a badass in this one. So I did. :iconyaygermanyplz:

Hetalia and all of it's characters - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :icongermanyrapefaceplz:
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