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March 21, 2013
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              My Girl's Got A Gun.
              [Canada x Reader]

   In this reader insert, there are mentions of Skeet Shooting. If yu don't know what that is, don't be alarmed. I was kind enough to go into detail about how my school does it, so you don't have to do extensive research on it.

Whoever told her that Ivan was scarier on the ice than Matthew was lying through their teeth. As [y/n] sat in the bleachers at the school's hockey game, she was the only one who saw the change in her best friend. Off of the ice, he was a shy teenage boy that no one paid any attention to. However, once he gets the hockey stick in his hands he's a completely different man. He has a fierce look in his violet eyes and anyone could tell that he was the star of the night- and to stay the hell out of his way.

This was his place to shine.

Seeing the change in his over all demeanor made [y/n] more excited than she should have been for a high school hockey game. She was jumping to her feet, cheering until her voice went hoarse, and supporting her usually shy friend. She was this way during football season when his brother, Alfred, took the center of the field as quarterback. It was something that they did on a normal basis.

With a final precise swing of the 'L'-shaped stick, Matthew scored the final goal of the night and bringing home the first win of the season. The team huddled together, cheering and boasting on how awesome they did. This was the first game of the year, and the same thing happened as last year. The cheerleaders and several female members of the school ran down to congratulate the team- more specifically the star of the night; Matthew.

Before, it hadn't bothered [y/n] much, but for some reason she wanted to run down and punch them all in the face. If they didn't have time for him off of the ice, they should keep their hands off of him no matter what, right?

Alfred, who was sitting next to [y/n], noticed her aura change from ecstatic to frightening.

"Dude, you okay?" He asked.

"Just fine." She replied coldly. The venom dripping from her words could be heard clearly even though her voice was barely a whisper, which was the effect of her screaming her face off.

Alfred, however, didn't seem convinced. He looked back down to the rink and saw everyone crowding Matthew, but thought nothing of it. It hadn't bothered her before. He sighed heavily and looked back to her. "You'll be at school tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah." She stated before exiting the isle. Without turning back to Alfred, she spoke once more to him. "No reason for me to skip. The Skeet Shooting finals are tomorrow."

His cerulean eyes widened slightly. He had forgotten all about it. But, as he watched her [h/c] hair bounce with every step she took toward the exit of the building, he realized he couldn't stop her to get more information. Slowly, almost begrudgingly, the hyperactive American made his way down to the center of all the commotion to retrieve his Canadian twin.

~~~~~~~Time Skip: That Night, At The Twins' House~~~~~~~~~

"Yo, dude! You remember what tomorrow is, right?" Alfred asked as he walked out of the steaming bathroom. He had just gotten out of the shower, and was only clothed in his American-flag print boxers with a bald eagle towel draped around his neck, when he asked his brother the question.

Matthew, having already taken care of all hygienic needs at this point in time, was sitting on the top bunk of the bunk beds and watching the YouTube video of the hockey game. "Ehh.. H-Hockey practice is the only thing on my agenda.. I-Is there something else I should be aware of?"

The hyperactive twin laughed loudly. "Guess you forgot like I did, eh Mattie?" He picked up his glasses, which he called Texas, and placed them carefully on his face to get a better look at his twin. "[y/n]'s Skeet Shooting finals are tomorrow."

Mattie's violet eyes widened considerably before he blushed heavily. "Y-You're right.. H-How could I have forgotten something like that!"

Al gave a quick nod. "I know. That's what I thought." Running a hand through his damp hair, he sighed heavily. "She's always there for us, cheering us on and loosing her voice. I don't remember one time that she missed one of our games."

The older, yet much shyer, twin nodded. "Sh-She even came to a game last year sick.. Two of them."

"Dude, even if we can't audibly cheer, we have to go." Alfred said, almost cutting the quieter male off. "You're probably going to hate me for saying this, especially since you have that huge crush on her-"


"But when she's holding a gun and has that 'serious business' face on.. And is even able to take down moving targets.. That's freaking hot." Al finished, acting as though he was never interrupted by his brother in the first place.

Matthew glared harshly at his brother, and if looks could kill, Alfred would be dead a hundred times over.

"O-Oh.. Em.. W-Was she there? T-Tonight, I mean.." The Canadian asked quietly. "Sh-She didn't come congratulate me like she usually does.."

"Speaking of which!" Alfred proclaimed loudly, standing on his bottom bunk and looking at his brother while holding himself up with the gate of the top bunk. "She seemed really pissed at you, dude. What'd you do?"

Matthew's face turned from sad to shocked and back to depressed in under five seconds. "Wh-What did I do? I-I dunno.. I-I can't remember doing anything to her.."

Alfred picked his phone up and sent a speedy text to [y/n]. 'Yo dudette, wanna spill y u were so mad tonite?' After hitting the send button, he looked to his brother and winked. "I'll find out for ya, then!"

If there was one thing that Matthew knew better than anyone, it would be how his brother's plans almost always backfire. "N-NO! I-I mean if she's m-mad.. J-Just don't say anything to make her even m-madder at me.."

"Gotcha!" Al shouted and fell onto his Bald Eagle quilt on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed.

[y/n]; 'It's nothing. Just... Someone shouted something that pissed me off.'
  Al; 'Uh huh. When ya gonna tell the truth? I kno u better than tht.'
[y/n]; 'And how do you know that isn't what's making me mad?'
  Al; 'Becuz u just said 'making me', wich means it still is. And u woulda said 'did u hear tht' at the game.'
[y/n]; '. . . Whatever. Goodnight.'
[y/n]; 'I didn't..?'
  Al; 'Don't lie, [nickname].'
  Al; 'O come on, u cant be asleep already.'
[y/n]; 'I'm not, I just refuse to answer ludicrous questions.'
  Al; 'I'm takin tht as a yes.'

"MATTIE! I KNOW WHY SHE'S MAD!" Al yelled in the middle of a comfortable silence, startling his brother half to death.

"Y-You do?!"

The hyperactive male nodded eagerly. "I can't tell you exactly, but I can tell you this. She wanted to talk to you alone. And it's not what you did, it's more or less what you didn't do."

The Canadian male peeked over the bed to look down at his younger twin. "Wh-What?" He tilted his head to the side slightly, his long blond hair curl dangling down. "Has anyone ever told you that what you say doesn't make any sense?"

"GOODNIGHT, BOYS!" Ms. Jones said as she walked in and turned the light off, slamming the door on her way out.

"Goodnight, ma!" The two called after her.

~~~~~With Reader-Chan~~~~~~


That one text flipped her thought train completely upside-down. She hadn't thought of him in that way before, but that would explain some of her 'random' spur-of-the-moment feelings.

Like when she got mad when all the girls hoarded around him tonight. Or when she got butterflies in her stomach from seeing him at the pool over the summer. Or the warm, fuzzy feeling she got when he read to her until she fell asleep leaning on his shoulder when they went camping. Or the protectiveness she felt over him when he tried to talk to new people.

It would also explain why she pictured the faces of everyone that's hurt him on the discs she shot for tournament.

[y/n] had been so focused on her thoughts that she didn't realize that Alfred texted back twice after that. He had jumped to conclusions, as always, but he jumped to the same conclusion that she found when thinking about how she felt. Maybe she really did like him.

After their text conversation, [y/n] just laid in her bed and stared at the ceiling. The lights were off, and she was very comfortable, but she couldn't sleep. Matthew kept flooding her mind. His shy demeanor, his loving tendencies, the gentle way he looked at her, those pools of violet that she could drown in.

She wasn't sure when, but at one point in the night, she sent a text to Matthew. 'Hey.. Can we talk tomorrow?' And, without staying up for his reply, she fell asleep.

~~~~~~Time Skip: Next Day- After School~~~~~~

At the shooting grounds behind the school, Alfred and Matthew stood behind the main commotions. Today, they were figuring out who would be carrying the school on their back to the State Competition. The last shooter of the day was [y/n], and boy was she in the zone.

The captain of the team was [y/n]. She held a lot of pride in her shooting abilities and the school in general, and at this point in time, anyone could tell. Discs were flying at a barrage of color- white being the ones not to shoot, red being worth five points, and blue being worth ten. There was a grand total of seventy-five points someone could achieve.

But, the focus of the twins' attention wasn't how many points the captain was getting, but rather the captain herself. She was laying in the grass, hoisted on her elbows with her [h/c] hair held up in a messy bun on top of her head. She had clear works-man glasses on to protect her [e/c] eyes, but the look of fierce determination was well noted.

Her bright orange top was sliced down the sides to allow better movement, and had "[y/n]- APH High Skeet Team CAPTAIN" on the back in bold black letters. Under the shirt, she only had on a black sports bra. She had on a pair of black short shorts and a pair of black combat boots on that laced to her knees. With the double-barreled shotgun held precisely in her nimble hands, she looked amazing to the twins.

Once the last shot was fired, cheering was heard as she stood. A smile graced her pale pink lips as she placed her gun down carefully before wiping herself clean of grass. The teacher regulating the team clapped and began the announcements.

"I think we all know that our lovely captain, being the expert marksman that she is, will be bringing APH High to Nationals. Total Skeet Shot / Available : Eleven out of Eleven. Total Foul Skeet Shot : Zero. Total number of points: Seventy-Five. A perfect score with only eleven shots fired." Mr.Powell said, patting her on the back with a huge smile on his face. "We're proud of you, [y/n]."

Being the only female in the Skeet Team, [y/n] was quickly surrounded by her male team members and hoisted up above their heads.

"Guys! Put me down!" [y/n] said through her extensive laughter.

Alfred looked over at Matthew, who was sending death looks to every member on the team who put their hands on her.

"Bro? You okay?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

"Never better." The Canadian said with as much venom as [y/n] had in her tone the night before.

Al nudged his brother gently. "You should go take her away from them."

Matthew, too caught up in his personal fury, didn't realize that he agreed with his brother and was catching her as she came down from the team's toss until it was too late. With [y/n] safely in his arms, he walked back over to his brother and sat her down.

"[y/n], you wanted to talk to me, so now's the time to do it." Mattie said sternly, focusing his gaze on the female he had held by the shoulders. "You've been avoiding me all day, and I refuse to believe that you can't see me anymore, like the others."

[y/n]'s face heated up to a bright crimson. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Alfred gather her team up and disappear from sight. She shivered slightly under his intense gaze. That look in his violet eyes was the same look that he had when he was on the ice.

"M-Mattie.. I realized something l-last night.." She started, her [e/c] eyes not looking away from his violet ones for a moment. "I-I can't be your friend anymore."

Matthew's face fell and the grip he had on her shoulders loosened greatly. The girl that he had fallen in love with was telling him that they couldn't be friends anymore. He felt like crying. That was probably why she was avoiding him. He was about to turn away when her hands cupped his face and forced him to look at her.

"Mattie.. Don't leave just yet. Hear me out.. P-Please?" She looked down at her feet for a brief moment before looking back into his eyes and rubbing her thumb gently over his cheek. "It's taking all my courage to do this.. I'm even putting my pride on the line here.. P-Please.. Stay for a moment longer.."

The tears were lining up in his eyes like an army ready to make their march down his face. They never fell, though. Why would she want him here? To make fun of him? Did Alfred tell her about his crush on her? Was she going to laugh at him for it? Sighing, he simply nodded since he had no strength to speak.

"I can't be your friend anymore. It's impossible for me to do." A tear fell down his cheek, and to his surprise, [y/n] was there to kiss it away. The action made him even more confused and made him blush like hell.

"I don't see you as a friend. I'm too protective of you, I hate seeing other females around you, I can't get you out of my mind.. When I'm around you, Mattie, my stomach does acrobatics. When I'm close to you, I feel like I couldn't get happier." This time, the tear fell from [y/n]'s [e/c] eyes. "Mattie, I don't just like you. I'm in love with you. I can't see you as a mere friend anymore."

Matthew's face froze. No, not just his face, but his entire body froze. He didn't dare move for fear of waking up from this realistic dream. To his dismay, it wasn't a dream and [y/n] took his silence as rejection of her feelings. She pulled away from him and looked down at her feet.

"I-I'm sorry. I know you d-don't feel the same.. B-But I had to-"

[y/n] was silenced by Matthew forcing his sweet, maple syrup flavored lips onto hers. She froze for a second but quickly melted into the heated kiss. Her arms snaked around his neck and her hands roamed through his silky blond hair as his wrapped protectively around her waist.

In the near distance, she heard whistles and cat-calls coming from a rustling bush somewhere behind her. She broke the kiss just in time to see Matthew flip off his brother and her team before diving in for another kiss.

"I love you too."
EHRMAGERD. SO. At con, at an 'Ask A Nation' panel, the entire panel was asked this question;
"Who is scarier on the ice, Russia or Canada?"
A lot of them answered Russia, but the Prussia/Gilbert- whose lap I was sitting on- answered in agreement with me. My answer was-
"Have you SEEN Canada vhen he's playing hockey and you're standing between him, zhe puck, and zhe goal? Mein gott, you better run, because he's gonna kill you."

They all laughed at my response and quickly changed their answers to Canada. I think I made a valid point. c:<

I don't know what made me think of that, nor why I couldn't get that mental image out of my head, so I wrote a Reader Insert based on it. This one is representing 'Pride' in my Word Challenge.

Okay. I can go sulk in a corner now, right? :iconorzplz: I really liked this one, but I don't think you will. Please forgive me.

Canada, Hetalia, and all characters- :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexycanadaplz:
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