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March 7, 2013
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                   Spain x Reader

[y/n] had the best life at the moment. Her boyfriend of four years, Antonio, owned a restaurant of his own and they had a large amount of income coming from the place. Everyone in the area loved the Spanish cuisine made by him and his younger sibling Lovino. She worked as the main waitress / hostess there, and a lot of males were drawn in because of this.

It could have been her looks, her youth, her bright smile, or even the way she showered everyone around in kindness. That's what made Antonio start to fall for her, so why wouldn't other men be drawn in by the same aspects?

Today, she stayed at home. She had a rude awakening earlier, and proceeded to vomit until Toni was sure she was deathly ill. His panic only made her love him more, especially with the way he ran around the house frantically in a vain attempt to find something to cure her seemingly random illness. After assuring him that she would be fine staying home and getting rest today, he left for work.

You see, [y/n] had a sneaking suspicion of what the illness was. To her mixed emotions of happiness and depression, she had been right on the money. There was no mistaking four different tests that all read positive. As of right now, she was clutching the phone tightly as it rang and praying that it hurry and connect to the other line.

"Hola, Restaurante del-" Antonio started to say. She didn't listen past his hello, though.

"A-Ant.. T-Toni?" [y/n] stuttered.

"Mi amor! ¿Estas bien? Are you oka-"

Once again, she didn't listen. "C-Can you come home.. I.. I need you he-here." She said, the slight quiver in her voice known. She was on the verge of tears.

"Of course! I'll tell Lovino and I'll be right there, love!" He shouted as he hung up the phone.

[y/n] sat on the edge of the bathtub, looking at her phone with worry. A tear dropped off of her cheek and landed on it's screen as she closed her eyes. Sure, she was overly joyous with the news, but no matter how hard she tried convincing herself that he would be happy as well, her mind was too scared of him rejecting her.

~~~~~With Antonio~~~~~

"Lovino! Do you think you can hold the fort?" He shouted at the Italian behind the stove as he was almost ripping his apron in an attempt to get it off quickly.

"Why? Do you plan on leaving me here alone, you tomato-sucking bast-"

"Yes, I do. [y/n] just called. She sounded like she had been crying." Toni shot back in almost a venomous way.

Lovino, taken aback, simply blinked at his sibling's behavior. He only nodded in response, which made the Spaniard bolt for the door, almost forgetting to grab his keys as he went. The customers watched curiously as the head chef ran out of the doors, though no one dared to speak up.

"It's about-a time you tell him, ragazza."

~~~~~~Back At Home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After what seemed like an eternity, [y/n] heard tires screeching in the driveway. Just like her Antonio to race home for her without thinking twice about his own safety. A small, loving smile spread across her features as she heard him tumble against the stairs as he no doubtedly ran up them.

Without so much as a knock, he nearly bust the door down, prepared to deal with you throwing up or bleeding. What he wasn't prepared for was seeing her, holding a strong smile while crying her eyes dry. Even though his heart fell at the sight and nearly shattered, he couldn't help but love her more. Always so strong when everything was wrong.

Panting, Toni walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. "Shh.. It's all right, mi amor." He whispered into her ear soothingly. His arms kept a strong hold on her as he rubbed her back. Unknowingly, he began humming a small tune as her body shook violently from her harsh sobs.

[y/n] didn't know how she was going to tell him, and she felt as though she needed to tell him. Keeping a secret like this from Toni was cruel. Instead of thinking too much into it again, she decided to put her future into the hands of destiny and go with the flow. She gently took one of his hands from her back and placed it on her stomach.

Antonio looked down at her in question, but brushed it off. She woke up throwing up this morning, so he was sure that her tummy would be hurting. However, his eyes caught sight of two empty pregnancy test boxes in the trash can at the same time she managed to whisper; "Welcome home, papa."

His entire world crumbled around him and he froze in his actions. Two empty boxes, his hand on her stomach, her calling him papa.. It made him freeze in his tracks. Overwhelming happiness had paralyzed him. When he looked down to her with disbelief in his eyes, she only nodded at him with a faint smile.

He reluctantly pulled away from her, his hands moving to her shoulders to get a better view at his lovely girlfriend. In his eyes, his love for her bounded and exploded into something much more warming and heartfelt. She wasn't just his lover any more, but the mother of his unborn child.

Still paralyzed from the news, he picked her phone up from the counter and dialed a number. The shocked and appalled look on his face made [y/n] think that he was definitely going to dump her. At least, until she heard his next statement.

"Lovino?" He said softly into the phone. His face then broke out into a huge smile and he gently pulled her off of him as he literally bounced out of the room screaming "I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER!" into the poor Italian's ear.

[y/n] sat on the bathtub again, with her real smile adorning her face. A large, bright, caring smile that Toni loved to see the most. A small "Woo-hoo!" was heard from elsewhere in the house before she giggled and all of her worry washed away.

"I shouldn't have doubted him."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip; Seven Months~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

An applause was heard throughout the restaurant as [y/n] stepped in. Being well into your eighth month of pregnancy, she were showing her lovely belly. The regular customers were still sitting in the spots they had claimed as theirs. She hadn't shown up to the place since that day, because Antonio made her stay at home to not over exert herself on a task, and now they knew why their favorite waitress has yet to make an appearance.

"Vell vell! Toni vasn't lying!" Gilbert shouted from across the room, which caused another round of applause and rowdy laughter to pick up.

"What are you talking about amigo?" Antonio said as he stepped out of the kitchen. When he looked to the doorway to see her standing there, he was quick to her side and to offer a seat to her. "Mi amo, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted out of the house. I figured I would pay you a visit." She answered with a warm smile.

"Gracias." He mumbled against her lips as he pulled her in for a tender kiss.

Still yet, more applause was heard, along with several cat-calls from the regulars. She couldn't help but smile and giggle into his kiss.

"Our little hija is almost here, si?" He asked, rubbing her stomach lovingly.

"Due in two weeks." [y/n] responded with a smile. Lovino soon joined the crowd and made his way up to her. It seemed everyone was happy and ready for their daughter to be born.


"Mama, are you okay?" A little girl's voice echoed through the still room.

"Si, mama's all right, hija. Your little hermano is on his way!" Antonio said happily before cringing at the sound of [y/n] grunting loudly in pain a few rooms away.

"I can't wait for my brother!" The little girl shouted, squirming happily in her father's lap. Now seven years old, she contently awaited the doctor.

While she was patient about the ordeal, Toni wasn't. He kept fiddling with the ring on his left hand that [y/n] had placed on him four years ago. Yes, she was the one to propose.

"Papa! Look!" The small female shouted, her [e/c] eyes glimmering in the light.

Sure enough, the doctor was walking down the hall only moments later, carrying a bundle of blue blankets. "Amelia, look. He's holding your brother."
So, I got my first request and all. c: It makes me happy.This Fic goes to :iconhetalian-tigerlilly:
I never thought about doing a Espana fic before this one, so I apologize if its choppy and overall crappy. I'm slightly disappointed in it.
Either way. I hope you like it ;o ;

Spain, Hetalia, France and Prussia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexyspainplz:
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