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April 17, 2013
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              The Artist's Way
              [Romano x Artsy!Reader]

A shy lass was settled in the furthest corner of the rather large room. The class was silent, all students focusing on the canvas before them. Each student had been given a slip of paper with a random word on it and they were to paint a picture based on that word. Each student was hard at work, yet they were all still sociable with each other.

All of them. Save for [y/n]. She sat contently in the corner, holding her paintbrush up with dainty hands that seemed to have a magical touch. Everything about her technique seemed perfect from the gentle dip of the brush into the paint to the slight flicks of her wrist. To anyone who managed to notice her, they would get a good view of a promising artist.

That’s exactly what the Vargas twins saw in her. Lovino and Feliciano were sitting on the opposite side of the room, yet they never failed to glance her way every few minutes. It was a silent agreement between the two to go and see her finished product.

Finally, two seconds before the final bell of the day, [y/n] sighed happily a leaned back in her stool to review her painting. Seeing this, Lovino couldn’t stop a blush from crossing his features. Her [h/c] hair fell perfectly, framing her face nicely and bringing out her [e/c] eyes. Her [favorite color] flannel shirt was buttoned up and tucked neatly into her blue jeans. Though it did seem a bit ‘country’ to him, Lovino couldn’t help but adore the way she seemed to make it work.

“Fratello! Lets’a go see!” Feliciano cried out with an excited smile.

“Bastardo! Don’t make’a me go with you to’a see the ragazza!” Lovino cried out harshly before his wrist was grabbed by the other Italian.

Though Feliciano seemed small and much of a wimp, he was a lot stronger than he let on. In one smooth movement, he had his twin out of his seat and was almost literally dragging him alongside. As they got closer to [y/n], Lovino noticed how she seemed to tense up and get nervous.

“Ciao bella!” Feli cried out, smiling happily at her. “Can I see’a your painting?”

“Idiota! Introduce yourself first’a!” Lovi yelled angrily, a blush rapidly spreading over his face.

“N-No! I-It’s fine.. U-Um.. Here?” [y/n] said timidly, turning the easel to face the twins.

The sight before them took Lovino’s breath away. A little slip of paper was pinned to the upper right corner of the canvas that read ‘Masquerade’. On the canvas itself was the most expressive painting of a lass and a male in a ballroom, dancing with miniscule smiles adorning their lips. The lass in the picture had on a gorgeous blue dress and her brunette locks fell in elegant curls to her waist. The locks were away from her body a bit, as though she were in the middle of a turn in the dance.

The male looked just as dashing. His blond locks fell in royal waves to his shoulders, his chin was adorned with stubble, and his tuxedo seemed to bring out every little definition in his muscles. His tie was a shade of midnight blue that matched the woman’s. Their eyes wouldn’t be seen past the masks, but you could easily imagine that the two sets of eyes would hold a happy twinkle in them.

If one looked close enough to the background, they could see various other people with masks dancing as well. It almost embarrassed the twins to see their curls on two of the male dancers. A happy ‘ve~’ was heard from the younger of the two before either spoke up.

“This’a is beautiful!” Feli said, leaning closer to the beautiful, yet still wet painting.

“Si. Ragazza, you have’a talent.” Lovino stated with a curt nod before looking away in a frustrated manner. “That idiota is my fratello, Feliciano. I’m Lovino.”

“O-Oh.. I-I’m [y/n].” She spoke in an almost whisper. “Th-Thanks for the compliments..”

“Ve~ No problem’a bella!” Feliciano said happily.

“I-I have to go.. M-My brother should be here soon..” She said tensely before gathering her things quickly and scurrying out of the room.

The teacher, Professor Rome, strode over to his grandsons with a faint smile present on his face. It transformed into a broad smile when he noticed how Feliciano was fawning over [y/n]’s painting. Though, his smile turned almost mischievous once he saw how Lovino was looking at the doors long after her departure. The faint blush and the longing yet flustered look could have been missed by anyone, but not Rome.

“[y/n]’s a transfer student. Today was her first day.” He said, grasping the young males’ attentions. “If I’m not mistaken, she’s Antonio’s younger sibling.”

“The tomato bastardo gets to see a beautiful ragazza like her every’a day?” Lovi shouted, sounding seriously mad and appalled. “How come he hasn’t-a told me anything’a about her!”

Rome simply shrugged, but his smile only turned more mischievous. He surely didn’t let the comment about her beauty go unnoticed. “So, I’m-a guessing you like’a her art?”

“Ve~ Its almost as though she puts me to shame!” Feliciano said in a sing-song manner.

Lovino, however, said nothing at all. He simply blushed more and stormed out of the room completely. His grandfather knew how inferior he felt when it came to the more artistic things, but her art didn’t make him feel inferior. It made him want to see more. It made him want to get to know the artist better. A growl came from the back of his throat as he walked his way down the road of the school, making his way over to Antonio’s house.

~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~

Antonio was humming an up-beat song as he gathered ingredients for churros when his front door burst open and his angry-looking Italian friend stormed inside. He shut the door behind him harshly and stomped over to the couch. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, a high-pitched scream was heard from the back of the house. The scream was followed by a large crash and it had both of the males racing to the source of the commotion.

They chased each other through the halls and skidded to a stop in front of the doorway that was their entrance into [y/n]’s room. The sight was almost too cute to be true. She sat there on the floor, her legs sprawled out slightly and boxes all around her. Clothes were clinging to her and were scattered around.

“I-I’m sorry, big brother.. I fell off of the ladder..” She said, just barely above a whisper.

A bright blush adorned Lovino’s features as he looked over her. Instead of what he saw her wearing at school, she was wearing a tight-fitting black tank top and a pair of black shorts. Her [h/c] hair was slightly disheveled, but still looked gorgeous.

The Spaniard simply chuckled energetically. “No problema, hermanita.”

“Oi! Ragazza, you didn’t tell’a me this tomato bastardo was your fratello.” Lovino said, narrowing his eyes in a vain attempt to seem less flustered about seeing her again.

“O-Oh! L-Lovi.. You didn’t ask..” She answered, a small smile spreading across her features.

Antonio would have made a comment at this point, but something stopped him from doing so. Perhaps it was the way Lovino blushed at her, or perhaps it was how he wasn’t commenting on her calling him ‘Lovi’. Either way, he was astonished by the hot-headed Italian.

“I’m assuming you met at school, si?” Toni asked curiously.

“Si, he asked to see my painting.” [y/n] commented in the sweetest voice Lovi had ever heard.

Antonio chuckled at seeing his friend redden worse than a tomato. “Can you help mi hermanita pick up her things and finish unpacking, Lovi?”

“I’m not a fucking slave, tomato bastardo!” Lovi yelled but walked into the room to help her, anyway.

~~~~~Time Skip: The Next Day~~~~~

“Okay’a class, we’re going to be doing a group’a project.” Professor Rome said sternly. “The pairings are posted here on the white board. Draw a slip of paper from the hat and see what you get.”

[y/n] cringed at the thought of having a partner. The only person she knew from the school was Lovino, and the chances of getting paired with him were slim to none. Not to mention that there was a part of her that wished they didn’t get paired.

Yesterday, she’d found out that he was hot-headed and easy to embarrass. She also noticed how sweet he was, even if he didn’t realize that he was acting chivalrous toward her. In a single night, he’d managed to capture her heart, and she was hoping that he wouldn’t give it back any time soon.

Looking up, she saw the very Italian she was thinking of. He was even headed her way with a slight smirk adorning his features. Her cheeks began feeling a little warm and her heart fluttered as she noticed their names written on the board as a pair. He had even drawn the slip of paper for them.

“[y/n], look at this’a stupid idea I drew.” Lovino said with a grumble as he plopped down next to her.

‘True Love’

[y/n]’s face began to burn a bright red as she looked down to her pallet of colors. She could think of a million ways to draw this, but there was only one thing wrong with all of her images. Before, she could simply use a model or make up someone, but now the only two that fit into the scenes were Lovino and herself.

That would be really embarrassing to show to her partner.

“I’ll leave the painting’a to you, ragazza. I’ll try my’a hand at sculpting.” Lovino said as he stood and left their work station.

At least now she wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment of having him watch her paint. Or so she thought.

~~~~~Outside With Lovino~~~~~

Lovino didn’t know what hurt more; seeing her practically reject his cleverly hidden confession of a crush, or having to lie to her. He sat outside under a tree calmly, watching her beautiful figure through the window. Sure, he couldn’t make out what she was painting, but seeing her with that content smile on her face was enough for him.

The previous night, he had stayed at Antonio’s until she was asleep. The Spaniard and the Italian sat and talked about something he never dared to talk about with anyone; his crushes. Specifically, the only crush he currently had, [y/n].

Lovino’s hands went behind his head as he lay back on the tree, looking through the green leaves at the passing clouds in the baby blue sky. The only thing invading his once peaceful mind was the beautiful woman he had completely fallen for at first sight. Getting to know her yesterday didn’t help his little crush any, either.

He didn’t know how long he had been out there, but as the final bell rang, he sat up in time to see [y/n] running out of the door and down the street. Curious and confused about why she took off so fast, the Italian stood and walked back into the art room and over to her previous work station.

“[y/n]…” Lovino whispered in awe as he looked at another one of her perfect pictures.

A perfectly painted male and female sat on a thick branch of a tree, looking up at what was assumed as the sky. The night sky that you could see between the individually painted leaves was the perfect shade of midnight blue, but that wasn’t what stunned him the most. It wasn’t her attention to the smallest details, nor was it the fact that the couple was facing him.

It was rather who the couple was. In her painting, [y/n] made him out to look much more handsome than he thought he deserved, but that curl and auburn hair was definitely his. The female had a cute blush over her face as she leaned over to kiss his cheek, causing his cheeks to burn as well.

The female had familiar [h/l], [h/c] hair and was wearing a black tank top with black shorts. Without a doubt, the girl of his dreams had painted them together. But the thing that tied it all together was the fact that they were holding hands. In the bottom right hand corner, in gorgeous calligraphy, she wrote a simple statement that meant the world to him.

‘I love you.’

Not wasting another second at the school, Lovino broke out into the fastest run of his life and headed straight for Antonio’s to claim who he desired to be his.
In my defense, I was in a wreck. And I got a new computer. And Work and school and.. Whatever. None of those are good excuses. xD
ANYWAY. Here's my first Romano x Reader... Hope you like it.. I think I failed him.
GERF. Others will be up tonight and tomorrow night.

Hetalia and all characters - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - me c:<
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