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July 8, 2013
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         Ugly Ducking Syndrome
         [America x Reader]

In the fifth grade, Alfred had made a friend that he never regretted befriending. Her name was [y/n], and she was the highlight of his days. Back then, she was an awkward girl with quite a bit of baby-fat still lingering on her and braces. Because of those braces, she had the world's most adorable lisp that was accompanied by a cute baby-like voice.

Though all of her 'unattractive' features that people wouldn't normally like, Alfred had found his first crush.

Being the awkwardly shy female that she was, [y/n] never had very many friends. Until Alfred randomly decided to be her hero one day. Unfortunately for him, when they hit the end of sixth grade, they learned that she would have to move away and switch schools. It was a major bummer for the friends, but they stayed connected through texts and skype messages. They haven't called each other or video chatted since eighth grade, though.

It was the butt-end of summer and everyone was getting school supplies and doing last-minute clothes shopping. Going into the eleventh grade, Alfred saw no real use in getting more clothes. As he strode through the streets of [town/city], his cell phone began ringing. His eyebrows furrowed in question and he pulled said device out.

He had a call from his good friend Matthias. Quickly answering the call, he held the phone up to his ear. "Yo, dude, what'cha need?"

"Bro you totally have to come over! There's this babe moving in next door and-" Matthias yelled into the phone, causing the American to chuckle.

"Can't, dude. I have to meet my dad at McDonalds before he realizes that I didn't stay there when he dropped me off."

The Dane on the other end snorted, and Al could picture the other rolling his blue eyes. "Gotcha, bro. I'm inviting Gil over, though. This babe is going to be in our grade! Anyway, I'll talk to ya later."

~~~~~~~~~Time Skip; One Day~~~~~~~~~~

It was just another Thursday morning for Alfred. Get up at six, take a quick shower, get dressed in whatever random crap he thought would look good for the day, then meet his parents downstairs for breakfast.

Today, he had on a navy blue polo with a white sweater vest, because it looked really snazzy on him, and a pair of ripped up jeans accompanied by a red studded belt and red converse. His hair never really wanted to listen to him, though. He wanted to have the same hair style as Captain America- or rather Chris Evans since he was the one who acted as his favorite hero- and he almost had the look.

It was his normal hair-do, so he really didn't have to change anything anyway, but that stupid cowlick of his was the only difference in the hairstyles. Damned that piece of hair.

Stopping in the kitchen for a brief moment, in order to microwave two poptarts as breakfast, he muttered a 'good morning' to his mother before grabbing his keys and rushing out the door. The first day of school was never a good day to be late on, after all.

Jumping into his red Ford pick-up truck, he turned on the radio to the best country station he knew of before backing out of the drive way and driving to school.

He wasn't the first one there, and there were still parking spaces close to the doors, surprisingly. After parking his truck, locking it up, and pocketing his keys, he ran inside to find Matthias and Gilbert waiting on him.

"Bro! You missed it! She wouldn't even give us her name!" Matthias yelled.

Gilbert nodded. "But zhe frau had a nice body." He added, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Alfred chuckled at his friends' antics. "This babe is going to be here today, right? Don't worry, dudes, we'll get her name."

~~~~~~~~~Minor Time Skip; First Hour~~~~~~~~~~

The five most popular guys in school had band first hour. Yeah, so what if they were band geeks. It was something they enjoyed, and marching on the football field during half-time at a Friday night football game was awesome, no matter what anyone says.

The band was getting their instruments set up, warming up their horns and getting ready for early morning practice on the field. They had been given their marching music at the end of the previous year, so they were probably going to have playing tests to see if the members actually had it memorized.

Francis and Antonio were lucky they got to sit relatively close to each other during playing sessions; Francis was a clarinet player an Antonio played the tenor saxophone. Matthias and Alfred got to sit relatively close, as well, since Matthias played baritone and Alfred played a Tuba. Gilbert, however, was in the back of the room and away from everyone, seeing as how he was a percussionist.

Mr. Taylor, the large band director, stood at the front of the room and called everyone to attention. All bodies snapped into stiff and straight forms and a bellow of "Pride" rang through the room as everyone said it in response to the "Band, Ten Hut" that he had yelled.

"Okay, I hope you have your music memorized. Playing tests will be issued out by the section leaders tomorrow, but today I'd like to introduce you to a new face." He said, and not one person in the class moved. He sighed and mumbled 'at ease', allowing the freedom of movement again.

"Her name is [f/n] [l/n]. She left in sixth grade, according to her story, and she's a very good flute player. Welcome her to the family, guys." He said, pulling the [h/c] haired lass out of her set and into the spotlight.

Alfred felt his heart drop to his stomach and felt it begin to swell again. Butterflies began running rampant through his gut and his wide cyan eyes never left her. My god, she looked amazing. [y/n], his [y/n], was standing at the front of the class and shyly waving, obviously not liking all the attention she was receiving.

Her dainty hand was waving back and forth slightly while the other was behind her back. Her [h/l] [h/c] locks were falling beautifully, fringe framing her face gorgeously. Her [e/c] eyes twinkled in the light, showing a timidness that he remembered from grade five. And, oh goodness, her body. She was cursed in all the right ways with curves, her short hourglass figure alone was enough to drive him crazy.

To his tease, though, she was wearing a low-cut navy blue shirt with a Captain America logo on it that just peek-a-boo'd her cleavage. Her skinny jeans were a cute crimson color, and her converse shoes were blue with a Superman logo on the ankle. She had very little eyeliner on and just a little mascara, and he recalled that she stated that she disliked wearing a lot of make-up.

"Go on, hun, tell us a little about yourself." Mr.Taylor said, urging her to speak.

"O-Okay.." She said timidly. Alfred could have sworn he'd died and gone to heaven when he heard that sultry-yet-natural voice of hers. And it was only one word! "I-I'm [y/n].. I have a slight obsession with video games and superheroes. I don't like large crowds, and I guess, I'm happy to be back." She said, causing Alfred's heart to flutter.

Instantly, Matthias snapped his head to look at Al. "Bro, [y/n] was the babe! She's changed!" He whispered harshly to his low-brass friend.

Alfred then took the time to lock eyes with his other four friends, all of which knew about his first crush on this lovely lass that had undergone a The Ugly Duckling change. She was definitely a beautiful swan now.

~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip, Lunch~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Through the beginning of the day, he realized that she shared her schedule with Alfred and Matthias; save for the last hour of the day. The two males obviously had Athletics, where they would play football and then switch to soccer, while she had Ancient and Medeival History.

Oh God, he was surely going to love this year.

And he only found that he'd like it more when she shyly walked over to the five's normal table with Antonio guiding her.

"Here we are, chica! You can eat lunch with us all you want!" He said, smiling his usual dopey smile.

"U-Um, thank you." She stated, sitting down and placing her box of pizza on the table. The box was small, and was obviously a one-person pizza, but if she ate like that daily, who would need this crappy cafeteria food!

"Velcome back, frau. You remember the awesome me, right?" Gil asked casually.

A giggle came from her that sent Al's heart soaring. "Yes. The self-proclaimed awesome King of Prussia, Gilbert. And I remember Antonio, and Francis, and Matthias... But..." Her [e/c] eyes landed on Al's cyan ones, forcing him to fight back a blush.

He didn't blame her, really. His wardrobe changed drastically, from khaki shorts and any random t-shirt to this. His hair was longer back then, and his hair was a lighter blond. He obviously gained a lot of muscle- that she could see through his slightly tight polo- and he was sure that he lost all of his baby fat. Not everyone had this chiseled jawline, after all.

"Aw, come on [old nickname]!" He cried out as she bit into her pizza. "You don't remember your hero?!" He stated, placing a hand over his heart in mock hurt.

Cue [y/n]'s astonishment. She froze and began choking slightly on her pizza, her [e/c] eyes widening and then closing tightly due to the excessive coughing. Once Matthias had patted her back enough, she cleared her throat and looked back up at him with wide eyes.

"Al?!" She nearly yelled, leaning into the table to get a better look at him. She got a smug look on her face soon enough and pulled back, biting into her pizza again. "Should have known. I would have thought that by now you got that stubborn cowlick of yours tamed."

Alfred had a very faint blush on his cheeks as she stated that. "I thought so too, but the stupid thing won't go away!"

The table laughed, and soon got carried away in light-hearted conversation. Alfred felt all of those old feelings rushing to the surface in tidal waves, overcoming the entirety of his senses. When the laughter died down for the up-teenth time, [y/n] spoke again.

"You all went and grew up on me!" She stated looking at everyone again. "Matthias's hair never changed, but damn did he! Francis, you're still a French Fry, but look at you! Antonio.. Well... Gilbert! Goodness, you were a pudgy little boy, and now you're defined as can be! I never thought I'd ever call an Albino good-looking. No offense." She stated, long finished with her pizza, that Alfred totally didn't steal a piece from.

They all chuckled at her, seemingly knowing that Antonio almost literally didn't change. He just got taller and grew muscles.

"And what about the hero, [y/n]? I'd say I changed quite a bit if you didn't recognize me~" Alfred cooed, placing his elbows on the table and interlocking his fingers to rest his chin on. He then batted his eyes at her and smiled cheekily. "Am I pwetty?" He asked sarcastically.

She snorted a laugh, the coke she had been taking a drink from coming clean out of her nose. The guys laughed and passed her napkins, but Alfred never once moved, continuously batting his eyelashes at her.

"You definitely changed, Al! You used to have a gut, but what is this?!" She asked, poking his bicep in emphasis on his muscles. "And that jaw! Sheesh." She stated, then changed to a baby voice and made a face at him like she were literally talking to an infant. "Yes, you are a pretty boy!"

The table laughed again right as the bell rang.


It was late November and a Saturday. Yesterday was the last football game of the year, and the [school mascot] won. Not surprisingly, though. With Alfred as the star quarter back, Gilbert a star linesman, and Matthias as Al's receiver, they were almost literally unstoppable. She was really sad that she wouldn't get to see Al in uniform again because his butt was sinfully delicious in those pants but the season was now over.

And with football being over, so was marching band. It made her sad. Though, she was really happy to know that she didn't have to get up before dawn on a Saturday to go to a competition and not get home until four or five in the morning on Sunday. So, she was happy to get some sleep. Or so she thought.

A call on her phone woke her up at noon and she grumbled angrily. Yesterday, it was an away game, forcing the band to travel three hours away and not get home until two in the morning. And someone decided to be a jerk and not let her sleep?

"Hello." She grumbled angrily into the phone.

"Oh crap, bro, I didn't mean to wake you!" Matthias shouted on the other end. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come over today!"

Without a doubt, [y/n] went over to the Dane's house. However, she didn't show up until three because she went back to sleep after that call. They had spent the entire day gaming like old times, when Matthias said something that made her heart stop.

"Dude, even after you left Al didn't get a girlfriend. He was waiting on you to come back, since he had the world's largest crush on you until freshman year!"

And just like that, her world turned upside down. She, an ugly girl back then, was crushed on by the absolutely hottest guy on the face of the planet? She liked him, of course, and even  now she still had feelings for the obnoxious guy. How could anyone not like his beautiful features?


It was clean into January and the Winter Ball was quickly approaching. Marching season was like any other- nudity on the bus, trips out of town, perverted jokes flying left and right, and inside funny memories that were brought up with a single word that everyone in band understood. Though, his favorite memory was when [y/n] got her butt stuck in the bell of his sousaphone and they had to butter her up to get her out.

Good times. Unfortunately now, [y/n] scowls at butter and treats it as though it were the worst demon spawn ever thought of.

Now, what Al was most worried about, was his heart. [y/n] had a short relationship with Sadiq, and the entirety of those two weeks was like hell for the self-proclaimed hero. Who knows who would ask her to the dance, or even try to grab her heart again! She was definitely the most good-looking person in school. The entire Football and Soccer teams were constantly talking about her, for goodness sake!

Alfred groaned into his pillow, unsure of himself. He didn't have a crush on her anymore. No, he was head-over-heels in love with her. They had movie nights together, stayed up all night to play video games together, and she even went on late-night McDonalds runs and got him something then dropped it off at his house for him! At two in the morning, sometimes later!

Who, on Earth, could be as perfect as [y/n]?

Alfred grumbled more when he felt his stomach start to grumble. McDonalds sounded really good at this point in time, and with the frustrating state of mind he was currently in, he decided a long walk would be necessary to clear his mind.

He pulled on a white polo with a green sweater vest and a pair of black jeans. They weren't supposed to be skinny jeans, but with the muscles Al worked up in his legs, they fit his rather snugly. He slipped on his black converse and pulled on his Letterman jacket. This year, he had gotten his class ring and it was on a chain around his neck.

Now properly dressed, he quickly shouted to his mother that he'd be back later before walking out. The snow on the ground had built up and was gleaming beautifully in the light. The sun was hidden by an overlay of clouds, but light was still coming through nicely.

As he was walking down the path, he noticed a figure on a bench nearby. Taking a closer look and squinting through his glasses, He noticed that it was [y/n]. Her hair was down and slightly grown out. She was wearing a thin black jacket, a red sweater, and a red skirt that fell to her mid-thigh. Her legs were properly covered by black leggings, and her fur boots were a cute red that matched her sweater.

Her face was uplifted to the sunless sky and it looked as though she was contemplating something. Her nose was a little red from the cold, and Al wasted no time in rushing up to her.

"[y/n]!" He shouted, drawing her attention to him. "I'm about to head to McDonalds, wanna come?"

Ever since then, the two had been taking spur-of-the-moment dates. Well, as [y/n] liked to call them. Two weeks passed and [y/n] got up the courage to ask Al to the dance. She had come out of her house wearing a gorgeous [f/c] high-low dress. It was a low cut dress that fit her every curve perfectly, adorned with sequence and all sparkly. Her hair was curled and her make-up was applied, and god did she look gorgeous.

After the dance, they went to the drive-in movie theatre that was surprisingly still in business. Even though the cold weather, they sat on the tailgate of Al's Ford and watched a superhero movie. However, during the movie, [y/n] began to shiver and rubbed her upper arms to gain some warmth through the friction.

He then took off his Letterman jacket and wrapped it around her, holding her close to him in the process.

"Thanks" She muttered, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Al blushed heavily and did something that he never once thought he would ever get to do. He pulled the chain from around his neck and took his beloved ring off and slipped it onto her finger. It was large on her hand, of course, but it was his silent way of asking her to be his.

And she understood it. She pulled her hand back enough to examine the ruby stone on the ring that had his initials engraved on it. A warm blush and smile spread across her face and she grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers happily. No words were needed.

But, just to seal the deal completely, he leaned down and kissed her lovingly, murmuring an "I love you" through the kiss.
garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhaasd. Yep.
I have nothign to say botu shis. i dont even trtype righte anymoerr.
._____ .' My brain is fried after writing all these.

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